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Here are a few words from satisfied clients!


I came to Tanasha with hip and joint pain so bad that I could not stand for long periods of time nor walk without a slight limp.  Doctors told me I had the beginnings of arthritis.   But something told me it was a muscle issue.  After 4 hour and half sessions of deep tissue massage, my hip/joint movement has improved 70%.  I am pleased to say that massage therapy is working.  Tanasha is professional, on time, friendly and methodical.  She knows how to listen to your body and work the muscle in need.  I recommend her highly and look forward to my next appointment.  Thanks Tanasha!  ~Denise  


"My 1 1/2 therapeutic massage with Tanasha was both a fabulous treatment and an amazing value. She was proficient in addressing my specific pain and muscle issues and I left there with a relaxed sense of well being that carried over because I slept great that night." ~ Penny

"I came to Tanasha in a lot of pain, and she could tell what muscles needed worked on and applied just the right amount of pressure. She also gave me wellness tips. All in all, it was a great experience." ~D.C.

 "Although I had always wanted to experience the pleasure and pampering one receives with a massage, I never seriously considered it until I started working as a camera operator. My back muscles became very sore and I was developing knots. When Tanasha informed me of Tone, I was very excited! I soon scheduled an appointment and realized that Tanasha’s massages were more than just a pampering session. The experience was incredible and so tranquil. I quickly scheduled more appointments after my first visit and recognized that not only was she relieving the tension in my back, but it was improving my sleep, I was getting rest at night! And believe me there is a difference between sleeping and resting!"    ~J. Nicole Ankomah

“Tanasha is very friendly, personable and dedicated to her work. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to use her services and talent. I have used her services many times and have become a regular client.”  Great Results, Expert, Good Value. ~Gerardo Davila

I cannot speak of one massage so I will speak on the collective massages I have received from Tanasha over the years. Unfortunate for me, I do not live in Dallas so I cannot get a massage as frequently as I would like from Tanasha. However, each trip to Dallas I get on her calendar. Tanasha works on my body with her mind, hands, and fingers . With this triple threat she will locate a knot and then will work her magic to loosen it before moving on. I have left each massage knot free, relaxed, yet disappointed that my time was over. A massage from Tanasha should be on everyone's MUST DO list!  ~Jacynda M. 



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