T O N E~ a r t i s t i c m a s s a g e & spa
A healing touch to your well-being.



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T O N E ~ a r t i s t i c  m a s s a g e & s p a  is a serene hideaway that puts a healing touch to your well being.  Each massage is therapeutic and customized to your needs; whether you need a, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy, or just simply Relaxation, you will feel better after your visit.

T O N E is referenced in several ways: through quality, strength, source, pitch, modulation, or character of sound , that generates emotions, feelings or mood associated with the T O N E. With that being said, it is my desire to artistically achieve a change in your mood, improve muscle tonicity, and relieve aches & pains  through, technique, skill, experience, music, aroma, and therapeutic touch.

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